Another flight in the PA28.

Originally, I had planned to go go up to Elvington, just outside York.  I’d heard brilliant thigns about their 3000m(!) long runway and the museum there, so really wanted to give it ago.  Alas, the Great British weather had other ideas and the majority of the day was cloudy and murky.  Not to worry, we’ll go for a short hop down to Turweston instead.

The trip itself was uneventful.  A 20 minute flight down there, some breakfast, and 20 minutes back made for a relatively relaxed flight.

The VOR in FoxMike is currently INOP, so my idea of tracking the Daventry VOR in and out was thwarted!  Never mind – SkyDemon to the rescue and a single heading to hold between Southam and Syresham makes it an easy one!

Again, this flight was with Tony.  I had the day off from work unexpectedly and Tony was around too!  Always glad for the company.