Shobdon Again

Another trip over to Shobdon on Monday 22nd July 2019 to see a friend.

This time I’m solo in the club Cessna 152.  I’m starting to warm to them.  I always thought they felt a little cramped, but with only one in, there’s plenty of space!

I put my bag in the back, had SkyDemon running on my iPad on the passenger seat, and my kneeboard strapped on, and I disappeared into the skies above Coventry for a morning at Shobdon.

Routing direct from Coventry to Studley, I kept a listening watch on Birmingham Radar to make sure that should I get anywhere near the controlled airspace, I could be contacted.  For this short leg, there’s no real point in talking to Birmingham and getting a transit through – by the time I’d arranged it, I’d be outside anyway!

Then over to London Information for a basic service.  As an AFISO, I’m amazed at how the guys and girls at London Information cope!  They’re being called at all hours and relentlessly! I always hope I’m not too much of an imposition!!  I did hear someone being informed they were in controlled airspace – it’s like driving past a car accident.  You have to slow down and listen!

Then I switched over to Shobdon Information once I was abeam Leominster where I approached straight in for Runway 26.

I calculated my average speeds on this day…

Coventry – Shobdon.  Average 71 knots, Max 85 knots
Shobdon – Coventry.  Average 95 knots, Max 119 knots

That should give you an idea of which way the wind was blowing!

As always, a great breakfast and stop in Shobdon.  A little bit of peace and quiet in the Herefordshire countryside!