Halfpenny Green

Morning trip to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green airport for a pretty damn tasty Sausage and Egg baguette!

A rare flight for me in the C152 – it’s not something I normally fly, but it makes sense when doing shorter hops.  It works out pretty reasonable too!

Departed Coventry on runway 23, and followed the runway heading towards Studley.  I listened out to Birmingham Radar to make sure if I drifted somewhere I shouldn’t they could get in contact with me!  Then took a northerly turn direct to Wolverhampton.

Needed to dodge a few showers on the way up which were forecasted so there was preparation for it! Then joined downwind for runway 16.

After the brunch, we hopped back in to get back to Coventry.  Same route back, but different runway to depart from.  The AFISOs at Halfpenny Green were excellent and gave me progressive taxi instructions to the runway as they knew I wasn’t familiar with the field!

Once up, it was back over to Birmingham Radar to listen out and head back home.